ACS, Acoustical Consulting Services


ACS, Acoustical Consulting Services, is a consulting firm that caters especially to the acoustical needs of architects and builders in all phases of a project, whether you need advice during the design phase or recommendations for improvement after construction is complete.  ACS provides a broad spectrum of services, including:


  1. Architectural Consulting to ensure protection and client quality

  2. Environmental Noise Impact Studies for projects near airports, railroads, highways etc.

  3. HUD Noise Studies for FHA/VA Financing

  4. STC Testing and IIC Testing for building code verification

  5. Acoustical Testing for analysis and recommendations

  6. Measurements for Noise Code compliance verification

  7. Analysis of other acoustical reports for those desiring a second opinion

  8. Seminars for those interested in applying their own acoustical knowledge


Contact info:


Tony Sola


PO Box 41182

Mesa, AZ 85274


480.827.1007 (p)

480.644.0801 (f)